Hosted annually, the Wedding Photography Summit unites like-minded photographers, videographers and creatives across all niches.

Bringing in industry trailblazers to push your biz to new heights, check out our Wedding Photography Summit reviews and love from our community below!


Sydney, AUS

"It truly is one of the best investments I've done."


Tuscany, Italy

"This summit was great - it was so beautiful."


San Diego, USA

"It was a thousand, if not a million, times worth it!"


New York, USA

"The WPS speakers all brought something new and exciting to the table and I feel not only inspired to make beautiful artwork for my clients, but I feel a new sense of confidence in delivering on their vision. "


New Zealand

"Just big thanks to Jai Long all his team behind and the speaker to make this possible. To share their knowledge and inspire other."


Connecticut, USA

"I am a photographer and videographer based in Connecticut, USA, and as a full-time creative, I know how valuable education and new perspectives from other photographers and creatives can be.

After attending the Summit, it blows my mind that I gained ALL that knowledge and so many words of wisdom for such a low price. Seriously, for $7 I think I learned more about how to be a successful and happy photographer within 24 hours than I learned all through college.... crazy.

I am so grateful to have discovered Jai Long- as he inspires me every day. His words alone are invaluable! The Summit was unbelievably worthy and inspiring and amazing, I HIGHLY recommend it to ALL photographers and videographers or literally any entrepreneur with a creative business."


Idaho, USA

"Invest in yourself, you won't regret it!"


Auckland, NZ

"It's such an amazing platform to connect."


Oahu, Hawaii

"It was incredibly inspiring and motivating!"


France/ Vietnam

"I finish all the talks and I have to jump in here to say huge THANK YOU to Jai and all the speakers! You just hit me so hard!

At a certain time I felt weak and didn’t believe in my choice. I doubt myself and and put all the excuses around...
I swear the Summit was the best 7$ I’ve spent... come on you did too right?!

You just put me again on the track, you put me back on my passion which is photography, I’m so inspired and I started to shout out my works and messages again and surprising get books, I even start to work on my first workshop in Asia now... This is insane!

Thank you so much for everyone and hope the Summit community keeps growing. Wish the best to all!"


Sweden/ Barcelona

"It was AMAZING! What really stood out this time for me was the hands-on tips and tricks that I can - and honestly, I've already started - implement in my business. For my website, for my social media and even for my photoshoots. "


Missouri, USA

"Thank you Jai Long for putting this summit together and inspiring me to get my sh!t together."


Brisbane, AUS

"I won't stop coming, and I won't stop showing up."



"I am really grateful to have been able to attend these!"


Northern BC, Canada

"It's incredible to be a part of this community."


Atlanta, USA

"The information I learned in the workshop was priceless and so applicable to any area of the photography business."


Canterbury, New Zealand

"I joined the summit to gain some more knowledge on how to run my photography business successfully as I had just decided a month before I found out about the summit that I wanted to go full time with photography. So I joined and hoped I would at least walk away with a little more insight on how to run my business a little more efficiently!

Instead my expectations were exceeded and I am walking away with new photographer friends from all across the world and with so much encouragement than I know what to do with. This summit has done wonders to my confidence as a beginner wedding photographer and it has given me new hope that one day I can look back and see the progress that I have made since day one of my business.

This summit is definitely for all photographers... young, old, new, and experienced." 


Arizona, USA

"Just wanted to say thank you all! Thank you to all the speakers too who just absolutely killed it. "


Tuscany, Italy

"I'm so happy because I've learnt so many things!"


Texas, USA

"All the speakers give you so much actionable items."


Cebu, Philippines

"Wedding Photography Summit was a blast!"


Nassau, The Bahamas

"For the first time in my life, I wish I paid more. Thank you Jai Long and the Wedding Photography Summit team!"


Arizona, USA

"After attending the Wedding Photography Summit, something got stirred up in me and completely changed my mindset about my business.

In less than 2 weeks, 8 days to be exact; I've booked 2 destination elopements and 1 wedding package that was an $8k package!!!!! Which is the highest package I've ever sold!!!

THIS IS SURREAL!!!!!!!! I've only been in business for a year!!!!

The impact you have on the people around you is OUT OF THE WORLD!!!



BC, Canada

"Thanks Jai and crew for all you do. You’re the real ones. 👏🏻"


Spain, Europe

"Amazing way to supercharge your photography business!"


Colorado, USA

"I loved the variety of speakers and topics covered."


Nashville, USA

"The Wedding Photography Summit ROCKS!"


Florida, USA

"Twice a year, since I discovered the Wedding Photography Summit, I've immediately signed up and blocked off my calendar to attend.

Twice a year I leave those two days with all the incredible humans who are part of the WPS and feel completely rejuvenated and inspired. Not only the speakers, who are incredible, but the hearts behind the scenes who put so much into putting it on, but also the community of people that come along with the experience that I get to know and connect with in the chat, etc.

I truly have come to NEED these few days where I do nothing else but soak it all in and reignite that fire inside that keeps me creating. "


North Carolina, USA

"Best summit ever! Felt so inspired after watching all the speakers. I never thought I will cry this much! 😂"


Sussex, United Kingdom

"Safe to say it blew me away, the level of production was amazing and I learnt so much from the speakers."


South Africa

"Absolutely phenomenal, dripping in gold."


Florida, USA

"There's always something you can learn."


Newcastle, UK

"I cannot imagine myself without them - literally."


Tennessee, USA

"AMAZING Summit this year (just finished watching the sessions I missed live—being VIP is the best). "


Florida, USA

"It’s like a total game changer in a mindset shift and it really has helped on figuring out what I need to do in my own business to stay inspired, have fun and really fine tune it all"


Washington, USA

"I swear the air around me is crackling with potential and I can't wait to harness this energy."


NSW, Australia

"I joined the summit because I knew that I needed to surround myself with a community of people who were going to help me get excited and be positive about the work that I needed to do...I needed that motivation again."


Texas, USA

"5 stars - if I could give more, it'd be through the roof!"


Lille, France

"For sure, next time, I'll be there!"


New Jersey, USA

"Being a 2nd year attendee, it was just outta this world!"


Lincolnshire, UK

"I genuinely look forward to the wedding photographer summit each year. This is the second year I’ve joined and comes at the perfect time (as wedding season ends and you are maybe feeling a little burnt out)."



"I have attended the Wedding Photography Summit 3x so far and have been absolutely blown away each time!"


Denver, USA

"I’m so grateful for these two days of vulnerable stories and reflection reiterating a sense of purpose x"


Paris, France

"I would never miss it - I learn something new every year! "


Mackay, AUS

"Thank you so much, you have changed my mindset"


New Jersey, USA

"Being a 2nd year attendee, it was just outta this world!"


Adelaide, Australia

"I'm part of Jai’s business map crew and joined the summit because - for one I see on a regular basis all the value and work he and his team are continually providing so I knew it was going to be good! And, two why wouldn’t I - $7 is actually nothing for this. I’ve attended both summits and they have both been absolute gold!

Huge takeaways came from Dan O’Day’s talk - providing his list of key elements. Leelou's anatomy of a great website. And, sitting there listening to Jai’s conversation with Jose Villa and Gary Vee was next level!

I signed up for the $7 ticket this year but ended up purchasing the VIP again - and couldn’t care less about purchasing 2 tickets - $54 is still awesome value!!! "


California, USA

"I just started this year, and joining two summits this year changed, encouraged, motivated, and inspired me so so much."


California, USA

"It was my first summit and while im writing this i have tears in my eyes and my heart is full. "


Knoxville, USA

"I swear the air around me is crackling with potential and I can't wait to harness this energy."


Queensland, AUS

"This summit has given me strength to post again on my business page after ignoring it for 1.5 years. After covid I caught PCD (post-covid depression) 😆 I was lost - frightened & quite honestly so angry! I didn't bounce back like others instead I shut off.

For 9 years I built this business as my identity. I poured my heart and soul into this, my dreams & never took no for an answer! Defying the odds of a cliquey town, being a mum of three, struggling with anxiety I built an internationally booked business that healed my soul. I literally resonated with jai story so much today.

But over night it was gone. The cancellations; the brides breaking up without telling me, the let down after let down. I felt so lost especially after literally booking a c section in not to miss the last wave of weddings from a surprise pregnancy lol.

I didn't know how too come back & so I told myself I don't like weddings. I was lying to myself. During covid I pivoted my business to branding & I left my weddings in the dust.

Just as I was about to quit the last two days has given me the reminder I needed that I actually love weddings so much & my dreams are worth it. I have been reminded that we have to go out & hustle for our dreams , and not take no for an answer. So...I am now planning a styled shoot, a slight edit change & come back!

Thank you, thank you , thank you!
I've spent half the day crying happy tears thanks to you all."


Aberdeenshire, UK

"This is the second wedding photography summit I’ve been to.
Everyone asks! How can a coffee change your life?
I explain by saying! “Well $7 is a Costa or Starbucks but if your lucky it’s that cool coffee shop down the street with personal service and they know your favourite orders by heart and they know you by name. Then when you buy the coffee it’s a whole experience that leaves you, by the time you’ve drank your coffee, energised renewed and working on your dream life.

Let’s break it down $10,000 for $7 is it broken no that’s the value. It’s a bit like taking a car on PCP or HP (as it’s known in the UK) you get the car and you pay it monthly. So the summit is the car or Yacht the $7 put in gives you access to the value and investment. Think of it like owning a share in a race horse everyone chips in a little but that means there’s millions of dollars that can train the horse to win and pay dividends.

If I told you a cup of coffee would change your life! Would you buy one?

Yes this coffee or WPS is life changing it allows you to develop skills that would cost in excess of $150 per hour per person to access. You are taught how to expand your horizons, get your seo and marketing stepped up, how to connect to your client base and do much more.

But I’m not a photographer or videographer! Well if you were teaching dressage at Grand Prix Kur level I’d say take the WPS! If your an artist that loves to do graffiti murals in houses. Take the WPS!

All kinds of creative minds can benefit from this training and apply it. Business is Business! We all need to get creative get better at connecting to each other and the WPS does that.
It’s also ethical as all speakers are paid for their time.
If you want to do business well please join the next WPS as you will then embrace any business fears and grow your business and personal goals unrealistically. In This way you will succeed in your business.
So pull up a chair and sign up to the next WPS!"