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Collaborating with other Creatives in the Industry to grow your Business


Timezone: PDT 


How to Build your Wedding/Elopement Portfolio


How to Start a Wedding Photography Business in 5 Days with $2000 


The Power of Authenticity with Instagram Reels


The Anatomy of a Great Website


Best Bang for your Buck when Advertising


Live Q&A on Attracting High End Clients


Soulcial Media: Solving your Social Media Setbacks and Brand Building in the Digital Space


Timezone: PDT 




Level up your Photos in 10 Steps


Business done from the Heart


Personal Work can set up your business to Succeed


Branding and Booking Your Ideal Clients


Live Q&A on Personal Branding



Dig deep and skyrocket your unlimited potential in just two days

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Shooting Like a Frikken Sorcerer & Finding Free Money


1. Be inspired by real talk from the best in the industry - their personal experiences, business insights and growth tips.

2. Challenge your self-limiting mindset - set unrealistic goals, experience fulfillment and make your biz dreams happen.

3. Access the latest insider knowledge on industry trends - solve common pain points, overcome obstacles and implement fresh ideas. 

4. Uncap your potential and finesse your craft - from business essentials to technical know-how, socials and personal branding.

5. Join a global community of like-minded creatives - share your highs and learn from lows with other wedding photographers. 


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"The Summit was the best thing that happened in 2020! I was in a creative rut during the entire pandemic year and felt unmotivated to shoot but I was curious to see what the summit was about when I came across their ad online and decided to sign up not thinking much about it, but it ended up being the best creative investment ever! After hearing all the amazing speakers and teaching, I felt rejuvenated and my passion was revived! It didn't stop there, I got the chance to connect with so many other photographers and creatives from all over the world and just feel so motivated and encouraged to keep going! Sign up for the next summit and promise you won't regret it!"

~Keri Tan

Are you ready to reignite your fire and break free from your creative rut?

Running your biz doesn’t have to be a soul-crushing struggle. Walk away with newfound clarity and blissful confidence, with support from fellow creatives who’re sharing your journey.

Jai Long

I am an award-winning wedding photographer and business coach, host of the wildly popular podcast ‘Make Your Break’ and have various online courses and coaching programs for wedding photographers.

And I’m unbelievably stoked that you’re here. 

Business Coach

Meet Your host

You have goals, ambitions, you want to make more money from your business, you want to better serve your clients, you want more freedom from your business so you can shoot more often. So little time for all the things, especially if you’re craving some sort of work-life balance. 

I get it! Watching my community chase crazy goals and celebrating their successes never fails to keep my going. It’s my purpose, my driver.

Your host, peer and friend, I can’t wait to bring you loads of energy and fun tidbits. Let’s smash it together!

I’ll see you there. 

Gary is an entrepreneur at heart -- he builds businesses. Today, he helps Fortune 1000 brands leverage consumer attention through his full service advertising agency, VaynerMedia which has offices in NY, LA, London, Singapore and is expanding its presence in Mexico City. VaynerMedia is part of the VaynerX holding company which also includes VaynerProductions, Gallery Media Group, The Sasha Group, Tracer, VaynerSpeakers, VaynerTalent and VaynerCommerce. Gary is also the Co-Founder of VaynerSports, Resy and Empathy Wines. Gary guided both Resy and Empathy to successful exits -- both were sold respectively to American Express and Constellation.

In addition to running multiple businesses, Gary documents his life daily as a CEO through his social media channels which has more than 30 million followers across all platforms. His podcast ‘The GaryVee Audio Experience’ ranks among the top podcasts globally.  He is a five-time New York Times Best-Selling Author and one of the most highly sought after public speakers.
Gary serves on the board of MikMak, Bojangles Restaurants, and Pencils of Promise. He is also a longtime Well Member of Charity:Water.

Gary Vee's joining us for a live Q&A

Unpacking must-know personal branding tips and more

He isn't in the same industry as us, so why Gary Vee?

Sure, Gary might not be a wedding photographer BUT he’s a thought-leading entrepreneur and his global success is undeniable. Rather than siloing ourselves to photography-only business knowledge, it’s crucial that we understand and develop holistic business and personal branding skills to expand into new horizons.  

There is SO much foundational knowledge to learn from an outsider’s perspective, with key business takeaways and powerful life lessons that can be applied to any industry. And who better than Gary Vee?

the real deal 

Subway or Starbucks, wherever your favourite lunch bite’s from, you can join the Wedding Photography Summit for only $7. 

Jam-packed with amazing content and goodies that are easily worth more than thousands of $$$...Why?

We don’t want anyone to miss this must-experience opportunity, because sharing is caring.

For less than a sandwich, or two coffees, choose to invest in yourself, show up for your business and start creating REAL impact.

A two-day summit for only $7, there’re no “I don’t have the money” or “I haven’t got the time” excuses. 

Quit procrastinating, quit guessing, quit burning out, quit undervaluing yourself. Your business needs you. Your clients need you. Your creativity needs you. 

at the cost of less than a deli sandwich

General Admission

ONLY $47

- 12 month access to the presentations
(Gary Vee has no replay)

- Spanish & English subtitles
on ALL replays

-LIVE access to 12 speakers
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- Downloadable workbook 
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- Sponsor discounts & Bonuses (valued at $197)

- Extra Business Training Session
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- Downloadable workbook
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24 - 25 NOV 2020 24 - 25 NOV 2020 24 - 25 NOV 2020 24 - 25 NOV 2020 24 - 25 NOV 2020   24 - 25 NOV 2020   24 - 25 2020   24 - 25 NOV 2020   24 - 25 NOV 2020   24 - 25 Nov 2020   24 - 25 NOV 2020   24 - 25 NOV 2020 24 - 25 NOV 2020 24 - 25 NOV 2020 24 - 25 NOV 2020

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25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 

General Admission

only $47

- 12 Month access to the presentations
(Gary Vee has no replay)

- Spanish & English subtitles on 
ALL replays

- LIVE access to 12 speakers
(valued at $497)

- Downloadable workbook 
(valued at $47)

- Exclusive sponsor discounts & Bonuses (valued at $197)

- PLUS: A group coaching call with Jai Long to get your pricing right (valued at $500)


$47 usd

VIP Ticket

- LIVE access to 12 industry-leading speakers (valued at $497)

- Downloadable workbook
(valued at $47)

- Exclusive sponsor discounts & bonuses (valued at $197)


$7 usd

only $7

25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 25 - 26 MAY 2021 


workbooks & Bonuses 


2 days of game-changing insights from 12 speakers - LIVE
Workbook PDF

Ongoing Support via Facebook Group

Enjoy live music broadcasted between speakers

Bonuses and freebies from sponsors and speakers (worth well over $200!)

12-month access to replays so you can watch in your own time

Captions, subtitles and transcripts for easy note taking

Bonus - Live Group Coaching with Jai Long '3 easy steps to charge more'.

Upgrade to vip for $47

Same as above, PLUS...

watch the highlights from 2020...


Skip the ‘fake it till you make it’ time-wasting guesswork, and dive headfirst into creating a purposeful business that aligns with your untamed passion and unbarred dreams.

"The wedding photography summit was one of the best purchases I made last year. As someone who was just starting out in my photography career it was invaluable to be able to learn from some of the best in the business. I learnt things that I didn’t even know I needed to know about, such as the importance of SEO! Plus the community that built afterwards is second to none. I would HIGHLY recommend this investment in your business, you won’t regret it."

~Sophie Askew

"I loved the Wedding Summit and it was the best $7 I have ever spent! If you want to become or develop further and reach the next level as a professional wedding photographer, this is the summit to go to! The people, the energy, the mindset - it will change your business I promise!"

~nhat vy do

Your FAQs Answered

I’m a wedding videographer, not a photographer - will this summit be relevant to me?

1000000% yes. This summit is for any wedding creative who’s looking to elevate their personal branding and take their biz to the next level. 

Are there subtitles on the presentations? 

If you purchase the VIP ticket, there will be Spanish and English subtitles on ALL REPLAYS of the presentations. There will NOT be subtitles on the live presentations as they have to be added manually after the presentation. 

Need more time to access the presentations? 

The VIP pass will give you 12-months access to all presentations. So if you miss your favorite presenter, you have plenty of time to watch it again and take notes.

Why isn't this Summit $1000?

With everything that is happening in the world right now, we wanted to make this summit more accessible to any wedding photographer/videographer that wants to level up their craft. 

Honestly, $7 doesn't even cover the Facebook ad to get you here! This summit has personally cost us $70k to host. We believe we are bringing you $1000's worth of value.

What is a Summit?

A virtual Summit is the same as a conference but it's online. This means everyone, no matter where they are in the world, can have access. We believe this is the best and cheapest way for you to learn and up-skill.

What time zone will the talks be in?

All dates and times are in PDT. Jai (the host) lives in Melbourne Australia, so the summit will be starting at 3AM for him! 

What currency do you charge in?

All prices on this website are in USD.

Are the speakers paid? Or will they just be pitching me products?

Every speaker has been paid to make sure they bring the energy and commitment you need! We don't believe in 'free' work and we don't believe you should learn business from anyone that doesn't value themselves enough to charge a speaker fee.

Haven't answered your questions?

Email the team at support@weddingphotographysummit.com


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...that’s just a sneak peek, you’ll uncover so much more mind-blowing goodness you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. Just ask any of our sailors. 

Not only will you create a thriving business that rewards you with incredible freedom, income and fulfilment, you’ll also be supported by epic group coaching calls and a wonderful like-minded community. 

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